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The Many Health Benefits of Whole Grain Bread

If you believe what you read in the newspapers and magazines, in order to achieve a healthy diet we should all be growing our own plankton, then making it into a sauce to eat with organic quinoa! However, life really isn’t that complicated. By...

Summer Picnic Ideas

Just because there's been a bit of rain lately doesn't mean that there aren't instances where you can get out and enjoy the outdoors. When these times come, as small as the gaps may be, a picnic makes for a great outing. For this post, Great Harvest Bread Company,  Goldsboro...
Finding a balance between a sandwich that is healthy for your kids and one that they will enjoy is a challenge faced by all parents. If this sounds familiar, your local bakery in GoldsboroGreat Harvest Goldsboro, NC is here to help. In this post, we have prepared two tasty sandwich ideas which...

The Best Ways to Store Bread

There's nothing that beats the smell of fresh bread while you visit your local bakery in Goldsboro. There's just something about it that makes it feel like you do not have a care in the world. And while it can be tempting to eat an entire loaf as soon as you buy it,...

Which Cheese Matches That Perfect Loaf of Bread?

Whether you only eat the healthiest and freshest foods every day, or you love nothing more than tasty treats, it is hard to find anybody that doesn't enjoy a good grilled cheese sandwich. And while we all have our special way of making one, did you...

How Your Local Bakery in Goldsboro Makes Treats That Taste so Good

Every day we see smiling faces leave our bakery with tasty treats and fresh bread, and every day our customers wonder what we put into our bread that makes it taste so good. If you're a regular of ours or just somebody looking for...

Healthy Hot Treats From Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC

During our last post we gave you some ideas on how to satisfy your cold weather hunger...well, actually, we just told you about delicious desserts. Taking a different approach for this post, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC have put together some...

Learn How Your Local Bakery in Goldsboro Can Warm up Your Day

Okay - by now you're likely looking out your window at the weather, so there's no use in sugar coating it - it's cold! While this can mean staying indoors for most, for the brave few who look to the outdoors, Great Harvest Goldsboro,...

Take the Worry out of Catering

If you've been put in charge of arranging food and drink for everybody at your next function or meeting and you are stuck for  what to arrange, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC has the answer. Read on for a few easy ways to keep a hungry crowd happy.

Individual Lunches


A Delicious Way to Start the Day

If you have woken up with a grumbling stomach and not a lot of brainpower, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC is here to help with a great way to make extra use of that fresh loaf of bread you bought during the week and get ready to wake your stomach up.

Honey Whole...

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