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There are certain treats that will make us hungry by simply thinking about them, and a bacon sandwich is the perfect example to illustrate this. From the minute you start frying the bacon, you can only expect an amazing result. For this reason at Great Harvest in Goldsboro, we prepared the following post containing a simple and delicious recipe to prepare this great sandwich.


Artisanal bread makes everything taste better, so you should choose a white crusty loaf and cut it into half an inch slices. When it comes to bacon, there are several types you can choose from; we would recommend back-bacon and the American-style, as they are both incredibly tasty. 


You can also choose how to cook your bacon, while many put it on their frying pan, we prefer a different method. Pour a drizzle of olive oil on your baking tray and add your bacon, meanwhile set your stove to 350 degrees and allow your bacon to cook until it’s golden and crispy. 


Remove the bacon and put your bread on your baking tray for a few seconds to allow it soak up the fat. Now, simply assemble your sandwich and cut it diagonally from corner to corner. Remember that you can add a dash of ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise to make your creation even more delicious. 

A delicious bacon sandwich is the perfect lunch idea, remember that you can also add lettuce and tomato for a classic BLT. 

If you are looking for quality ingredients for your sandwich, you can always count on Great Harvest. Our bread and sweets are prepared with whole grain flour that we mill everyday. This way you can be sure you are taking home the best bread in Goldsboro

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