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The Many Health Benefits of Whole Grain Bread

If you believe what you read in the newspapers and magazines, in order to achieve a healthy diet we should all be growing our own plankton, then making it into a sauce to eat with organic quinoa! However, life really isn’t that complicated. By choosing to feed your family Whole Grain bread over a sliced white loaf, you are providing them with a whole range of nutritional benefits. This blog post has some information to share about the many health benefits of 100% Whole Grain bread.

B Vitamins

All whole grain foods are a good source of B Vitamins. These are essential for many bodily functions and can help increase the metabolism. B Vitamins are crucial for the formation of red blood cells, as well as a healthy immune system.


Phosphorus is important for the healthy growth of bones and teeth. If this isn't enough, good amounts of phosphorus in your daily diet can increase your brain function and improve your cognitive growth.


If you find that you always catch a common cold each season, Zinc can help. Zinc is fundamental for making DNA and can be a great tool for improving your immune system and fighting off the common cold.


Whole grain bread is a great source of fiber and can work wonders for your digestive system, along with helping to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

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