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Take the Worry out of Catering

If you've been put in charge of arranging food and drink for everybody at your next function or meeting and you are stuck for  what to arrange, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC has the answer. Read on for a few easy ways to keep a hungry crowd happy.

Individual Lunches

If you're needing to cater to a group of executives, and sandwiches on a table isn't going to cut it, aim for something a little more individual. In a small sturdy picnic box include a gourmet sandwich made with the freshest bread and ingredients, a bag of chips, a pickle and a dessert cookie. Individual boxes add a nice touch and allow them to leave if necessary without missing lunch.

On the Other Hand

Ofcourse, there are times where sandwiches on a table is exactly what is needed to cater for an event. For these types of functions, sandwich sampler platters are usually the best way to go, including a mixture of meat and vegetable based gourmet sandwiches. To take care of drinks, the best place to start is usually with iced teas by the gallon for their versatility and taste.

Warm up a Crowd

Don't let cold weather get in the way of your event with a good range of soups. By the gallon,  soups to go is the best way to feed a group in the cold without purchasing a large amount of individual cans and worrying about bulk cooking. In addition to this, a few loaves of fresh bread for guests to rip apart and dip into their soup is sure to be a function favourite.

Available at Your Local Great Harvest Bakery in Goldsboro

If the above ideas seem like a sure way to satisfy your crowd, but you just don't have the time or the cooking facilites, speak with Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC on 919-288-2401 and ask about our great catering options which can provide the above mentioned ideas, and much much more!
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