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Fall is right across the corner and comfort foods are the perfect way to get ready, stay warm and beat the cold temperatures ahead of us. For this reason at Great Harvest in Goldsboro we would like to share some useful tips to prepare the best grilled cheese sandwich.

The Prefect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grate Your Cheese

First and foremost, grating your cheese is the best way to ensure it will melt, as opposed to thick slices. Remember that you should also use thin bread slices.

Use a Nonstick Skillet

You shouldn't put the butter in the pan, as it will burn quickly. Instead, you should butter one side of each bread slice and don't forget to preheat your skillet. This way you will get a crispy texture.

How to Prepare Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Place your sandwich in your skillet and cover it and remember that you should flip it when you get a nice golden brown color. Keep in mind that you can add dressings and meat to make your sandwich even more delicious. These are just some simple tips that can help you prepare a delicious sandwich that you and your family will love, so be sure to follow these ideas while you are in the kitchen. Also, read our guide to prepare delicious bruschetta.

Bakery in Goldsboro

At Great Harvest we mill our whole grain flour everyday to provide our customers with fresh and healthy products. Think about us next time you are looking for the best bakery in Goldsboro. If you wish to learn more about our bread and sweets menu, please call (919) 288-2401.
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