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The Best Ways to Store Bread

There's nothing that beats the smell of fresh bread while you visit your local bakery in Goldsboro. There's just something about it that makes it feel like you do not have a care in the world. And while it can be tempting to eat an entire loaf as soon as you buy it, if your eyes are willing but your stomach is not cooperating, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC, has prepared some tips to store your bread for later.

First Things First

The first place to start is with how quickly you think you will eat your bread. To get the longest life from your bread, buy a loaf unsliced and slice it yourself as you need. The life of your bread can greatly decrease once it has been sliced and bagged, so if you do not need it sliced your best bet is to home-slice.

Avoid the Refrigerator

The temperatures inside your refrigerator can alter the starch inside your bread and cause it to become stale quicker. If you are looking to store your bread for an extended period, use your freezer instead and be sure to consume it within two hours after you take it out and reheat it for the best texture and taste.

Everyday Storage

If you and your family are likely to consume all of your delicious fresh bread within around two days, then a traditional bread box at room temperature and out of direct sunlight is your best option. Steer away from wrapping it in plastic for an extended period and opt for a clean tea-towel.

The Tastiest Bread From a Friendly Bakery in Goldsboro

Of course, neither of these tips matter unless you have fresh bread to enjoy and store. To get your hands on fresh and delicious bread, speak with the best bakery in Goldsboro, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC at 919-288-2401 and find out which flavors are fresh and ready for you to enjoy.
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