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Learn How Your Local Bakery in Goldsboro Can Warm up Your Day

Okay - by now you're likely looking out your window at the weather, so there's no use in sugar coating it - it's cold! While this can mean staying indoors for most, for the brave few who look to the outdoors, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC has some ideas on how to make your adventure warm and tasty.

Let's Start With Dessert

Strange as it may sound, camping usually tops the outdoor activity list for families brave enough for the cold, but that doesn't mean it's all basic campfire meals. Take along a few scones and some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins to place over the fire for the perfect warm end to a camping meal.

More Dessert?

While we're on the subject, cookies are an all time favorite so why not bring them along. Start your cold morning by warming up some Morning Glory Muffins which include carrots, pineapple, raisins and applesauce. Just a quick warm up over your camp stove can be the perfect complement to your cup of coffee to get your body ready for the day, whatever it may have in sleeping.

Might as Well Finish With More Dessert

Everybody has a sweet tooth, some just have more than others - like us! If you're heading out hiking during your camping trip and are looking for something to keep your energy up during, take along a few Savanah bars. These bite sized treats can make for the perfect boost of energy to keep trekking through the outdoors. While you may not be able to warm them up during your hike, they're sure to warm up your tastebuds and give you the energy you need.

All of These Are Available From Your Local Bakery in Goldsboro

While some of you may not be bakers, we certainly are! So let us help you out. The next time you head out for a cold adventure, give Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC a call at 919-288-2401 and see what's baking. Better still, head on in and check out the fresh and tasty range of treats for you to choose from to keep your stomach and taste buds fuelled.
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