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What to Get If You're Just Not Sure

If you’ve been invited to a party and you just can’t work out what you’re going to bring - we have just the answer! Great Harvest in Goldsboro, NC has a few ideas on just what to bring and be the gift giving envy of all your friends.

Heading for a Group Tea or Brunch?

We’re going to start with the most tasty - the tasty tray of treats. Including Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Batterbread, Cinnamon Chip Bread, 6 giant cookies and a variety of six scones, brownies or savannah bars. Not only is this a great thoughtful gesture for the host, it also helps them with the event, providing a great range of mouth watering treats.

Romantic Movie Time?

Do you have a friend in need or are you just heading to your friends’ for a night of romantic comedies? Either way, the Comfort Basket is the perfect gift to bring. Starting with a warm and delicious soup mix, six fresh dinner rolls are included to soak up any leftovers as you cuddle under the blanket and dream of being whisked away. Of course, no comforting night is complete with our dessert - and a delicious and tasty batterbread is the perfect end to match a cup of tea and the next movie.

Looking for a Simple Gift That Says a Lot?

Neighbour just moved in or you’re just looking for something small to let someone know you’re thinking about them? Try the Jam and Bread basket. With our most popular combination of a Honey Whole Wheat loaf and a jar of gourmet jam for a simple but genuine thought. If you think your recipient might like something a little sweeter, a Cinnamon Chip loaf can be included, all gift wrapped ready for you to present.

Your Fresh and Local Bakery in Goldsboro

If these ideas has your mind (and stomach) rumbling head on down to Great harvest in Goldsboro, NC. If you have your own basket, give us a call on 919 288 2401 and create your own gift basket. Bring your basket down and we’ll fill it and wrap it up, ready for you to go and be the perfect guest.
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