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How Your Local Bakery in Goldsboro Makes Treats That Taste so Good

Every day we see smiling faces leave our bakery with tasty treats and fresh bread, and every day our customers wonder what we put into our bread that makes it taste so good. If you're a regular of ours or just somebody looking for delicious fresh bread, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC has a short post to tell you just what makes us the best bakery in Goldsboro.

It All Starts Early in the Morning

During the early hours of the morning while you are pleasantly dreaming away, we here at Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC are awake and happily preparing your bread. The difference in our bread starts with our whole grain flour. While others prefer to use pre-prepared flour, we still believe in the benefit of milling our own whole grain flour each and every day. By doing it ourselves, we can control exactly what goes into our flour - and let us tell you, it's only the best and freshest ingredients!

But the Taste! How Do You Get the Taste to Good?

The big question! That all comes down to our refusal to give up on the traditional methods of handmaking our baked goods. Add this to years of experience perfecting the right amount of fresh ingredients added in just the right way, and we've got the perfect recipe for a delicious taste. Take our High 5 Fiber bread as a great example which includes honey, flax seeds, oat bran, millet and sunflower seeds. Added in just the right quantity at just the right time, we have refined the delicious taste to be exactly what your taste buds want.

Your Local Bakery in Goldsboro Doesn't Just Stop at Bread

Just because baking fresh bread is our specialty, doesn't mean we haven't perfected numerous other recipes. Head into Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC at or give us a call at 919-288-2401 and find out which other tasty treats and bread we've baked fresh for you today.
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