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Which Cheese Matches That Perfect Loaf of Bread?

Whether you only eat the healthiest and freshest foods every day, or you love nothing more than tasty treats, it is hard to find anybody that doesn't enjoy a good grilled cheese sandwich. And while we all have our special way of making one, did you know that not all cheese will give you the same result? If you're interested in learning more about how to make a different kind of grilled cheese sandwich, Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC has just the post for you!

Let's Start at the Top

If you have ever tried the French dish "Croque Monsieur" then you have tried the pinnacle of a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of your regular sandwich cheese, treat yourself to a cheese known as Gruyere. This cheese will bring your grilled sandwich sharp earthy and sweet flavors and at times feels like its sole purpose is to melt over fresh bread.

A Sandwich With Richness

If you would prefer your grilled cheese to have a little more richness to its flavor, then Brie is what you are looking for. While most people seem turned off to this cheese because of its price, a simple and inexpensive Brie will do the trick for making a grilled cheese sandwich with a solid and rich flavor.

An Oldie but a Goldie

Of course, if you are in a rush, and you just want to get the delicious taste of toasted bread and cheese into your mouth, the traditional American cheese in your refrigerator is going to be your best friend. This cheese hits the spot perfectly when matched with a fresh white bread.

The Perfect Bread for Your Sandwich From Your Local Bakery in Goldsboro

If you have the cheese but are missing the other key ingredient, bread, give Great Harvest Goldsboro, NC a call at 919-288-2401 and find out what tasty cheese accompaniments are ready for you to enjoy today.
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